Space Exploration – Programme of Events

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1st Jan 2019 – New Horizons Fly-By of 2014 MU69 Kuiper Belt Object

January 2019 – ExoMars 2018 rover lands on Mars

22nd Jul 2019 – OSIRIS-Rex collects sample from asteroid BENNU

July 2020 – Launch of UAE mission to Mars

2020 – Launch of ExoMars 2020 rover – ESA/Russian mission *Delayed from 2018

2020 – Launch of 2020 Mars Mission Chinese mission to Mars

2020 – Launch of Mangalyaan 2 India’s mission to Mars

2020 – Launch of Euclid ESA dark matter mission

2020 – Launch of Mars 2020 Rover NASA rover mission to Mars

3rd March 2021 – OSIRIS-Rex departs asteroid BENNU

2022 – Launch of Juice to Jupiter  Europe’s first dedicated mission to Jupiter 

April 2023 – Orion first crewed mission

24th Sept 2023 – OSIRIS-Rex delivers sample to Earth from asteroid BENNU

December 2024 – Arrival of BepiColombo at Mercury ESA/JAXA Mission

19th Dec 2024 – 1st Close Approach of Solar Probe Plus NASA Mission to Sun

2024 – Launch of PLATO ESA hunting planets beyond our solar system

2024 – Launch of Luna-Glob Russian mission to the Moon

2028 – Launch of ATHENA ESA mission mapping hot gas structures

2030 – Arrival of JUICE at Jupiter

2034 – Launch of LISA Detecting Gravitational Waves

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