9 Meteors every 5 minutes (Geminid Meteor Shower)

geminids_art_725x572The Geminid meteor shower can be annually observed between December 4 and December 17, with its peak activity being around December 14. The shower owes its name to the constellation Gemini from where the meteors seem to emerge from in the sky.

In 2016, the Geminids are expected to peak on the night of December 13 and early morning hours of December 14. A Full Moon may make viewing conditions difficult.
The best time to view the shower, which is considered to be one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year, is after dark on December 14. It produces meteors at a rate of 100/hour (which equates to 9 meteors every 5 minutes).

The radiant of a meteor shower is the point in the sky, from which meteors appear to originate.

Look east in the early evening, (or straight up later in the early morning hours at the peak around 2AM ) to watch for the brightest falling stars. The meteors speed into the atmosphere at 140 kilometers an hour, that’s a blazing 80,000 mph! As they push through the air they are very hot and very bright, so even with competition from moonlight in some years the Geminids usually promise a good show.